Monday, June 22, 2009

Fabulous Fathers Day Fun Fiasco!

We had a fun filled day yesterday at the In-Law's! We played outside all day long! TJ's dad bought this HUGE AWESOME slide last year and so we pulled it out and put it up! The Kids were having a BLAST and SOOO did the Parents and Grandparents!!! It was SOOOo much fun! I wish I was again! Here is Randon and Shelby! We are sooo excited cousin Shelby moved back!

Here are some action shots with my new camera!

Here are all the Grandkids...and even though they are my age....haha I am up in the "kids" picture! (cause TJ is alot younger than his sister)

To the Best In-Laws in the world: Here are TJ's parents. They would probably kill me for putting there picture on the internet...But I just had to! They went down the SLIDE TOO!!! They are sooo sweet and soo awesome! :) Happy Father's Day PaPa!

Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful husband who is a fabulous father to his super kids! :)

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