Monday, July 13, 2009


It's MUTT MONDAY, once again! And here is my precious daughter, Dixie! (Pay no attention to the toilet in the background, or her toy that is the size of her) She is chewing on a bone that she is holding with her own 2 hands :) Isn't she beautiful!?! And those big brown eyes looking up to her mother :)

Now, "doggy paddle" on over to Two Dogs, A Girl, and A Husband's Grace , to show off your pooch!

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  1. hello our blog swappin partner! i know liv will LOVE shopping for you...even though she doesn't know you that well. :) what a fun idea. liv's address is: 6438 N Oakland Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46220. send yours our way too. & ill be sure to add you to our fav blog list. i remember you from my wichita falls days! congrats on getting married! you & your hubby are adorable. xoxo, erin & liv